Stephan Slingerland Soberness after Champaign (in Dutch) Column, Internationale Spectator

TNO (2016) Het fossiele dilemma van Rotterdam, policy briefing paper, TNO Time, 6 April 2016

Michel Rademaker, Stephan Slingerland et al. (2016) The Economics of Planetary Security, Clingendael (client: Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Stephan Slingerland (2016) Soberness after Champaign, Clingendael column (Dutch)

Integrating Climate, Resource and Raw Materials Policies in Europe


April 2016 – The RECREATE project, funded by the European Commission, has supported in the period June 2013 to June 2018 the development of the European Union’s new research funding program Horizon 2020, with a specific focus on the links between Climate Action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials. RECREATE has provided ten case-study policy briefs in these areas, varying from financing the circular economy to a sustainable internet of things, an integrated scoreboard of research and innovation progress, and a pocket book with overarching recommendations for integrated research and innovations in these areas.

The Earth is not Flat, but Circular


August 2016 – For the International Spectator, SPA has prepared a dossier on geopolitical consequences of the circular economy and the potential impacts for the Netherlands. Authors Michel Rademakers (HCSS), Dirk-Jan Koch (Min Foreign Affairs), Marjolein de Ridder (Min Foreign Affairs), Arnoud Tukker (CML Leiden University), Arnoud Passenier (Min Environment) and Tjitske IJpma (Min Environment) discuss international, European and Netherlands’ views on the circular economy. Read more >>

How can a Fossil Harbour become Green?


April 2016 –  The harbour of Rotterdam is the largest and most competitive fossil industrial cluster in Northwest Europe. Rotterdam therefore embraces a strategy of green ánd fossil development.However, in this way the ‘lock-in’ with fossil fuels will continue for a long time in the future. This discussion paper written for TNO discusses alternatives to break out of this ‘Fossil Dilemma of Rotterdam’.