Stephan Slingerland Green versus Red: Is Biden’s victory really a green victory?, Clingendael Spectator, November 2020

Stephan Slingerland, Irati Artola et al. ClairCity CrossCity Policy Package Report, May 2020

Stephan Slingerland, Irati Artola et al. ClairCity City Policy Package Reports Amsterdam, Bristol, Aveiro/CIRA, Genoa/Liguria, Ljubljana, Sosnowiec, April 2020

Stephan Slingerland & Harro van Asselt Laten we stoppen met het subsidieren van kleine gasvelden (Stop subsidising the Dutch North Sea gasfields), Trouw, 21 February 2020


Subsidising Dutch gas fields is not a good idea

February 2020 – Dutch Government and some researchers think that subsidising new investments in Dutch gas fields in the North Sea is beneficial for the climate and for reducing dependency on Russian gas. Stephan Slingerland and Harro van Asselt argue in an opinion article published in the Dutch newspaper Trouw on 21 February 2020 that this is not a good idea for long-term international climate policy.


Will the European Green Deal be successful?

January 2020 – Shortly before the Christmas break the new European Commission published its long-awaited Green Deal. Once more the European Union showed its green ambitions and proclaimed environmental leadership by drafting a document full of strong environmental objectives. However, more will be needed than only big words. The Green Deal will need to make at least three fundamental connections in the coming year in order to be successful. Read more.