Climate adaptation in the cacao and coffee sectors in Peru

January 2014 – The aim of the research was to assess the challenge that climate change presents to the agricultural export sector, with a focus on the coffee and cacao sectors, in Peru. The study focused on the perceptions, experiences and attitudes of rural SMEs about climate variability and risk and its effect on their business operations and overall competitiveness, as well as on the strategies used by SMEs and their suppliers to address climate change and their capacities for investing in mitigation and adaptation. Finally, it identified the needs of SMEs in order to strengthen their capacity to address the threats related to climate variability and change, as well as the related opportunities and provide recommendations for technical assistance that an agency can provide to companies to address selected trade-related climate change issues identified.
Client: United Nations International Trade Council (UN-ITC)
Project timespan: July 2013 – January 2014