New solutions for sustainability are required to close the huge gaps between announced policy ambitions worldwide and actions in practice. SPA Sustainability believes that a successful transition will require major social changes next to technological innovation and economic incentives. Involving potential losers of change, reducing global welfare gaps and finding new meanings to welfare beyond consumerism are some of the main solutions that SPA Sustainability aims to contribute to.


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Research & Actions

Research projects and initiatives to support sustainability in practice are key products of SPA Sustainability.

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Training & Teaching

Sustainability starts with integral views on change. Tailored interdisciplinary training and teaching can provide the essential skills and knowledge.

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Columns & Reviews

Public discussion on conditions for successful sustainable development is stimulated through columns and book reviews.

Recent Posts

A Compromise for Nuclear Energy in the Netherlands


March 2022 – A new public debate on the role of nuclear energy in the Netherlands is coming up now that that the new Dutch government has announced to investigate options for two new nuclear power plants in the Netherlands. The war in the Ukraine contributes to…